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Solar System Analyzer
Click image to enlarge - Solar System Analyzer
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  • CE CAT II 1000V / CAT III 300V
  • I-V curve test for solar system.
  • Max. solar system power (Pmax) search by Auto-scan: 1000V, 12A (12000W capability).
  • The analyzer and the Remote Solar Detector is connected by Bluetooth wireless communication (Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Class 1).
  • The Remote Solar Detector is moisture-proof.
  • Intelligent test logic with no personnel attendance required in the field. Solar system analyzer waits and tests the system until appropriate sunlight irradiance is detected.
  • Max. voltage (Vpm) at Pmax; Max. current (Ipm) at Pmax.
  • Voltage at open circuit (Voc); Current at short circuit (Isc).
  • Efficiency (%) calculation of solar system.
  • Temperature measurement of solar panels.
  • Irradiance measurement of sun light.
  • Series resistance (Rs) calculation of solar panels.
  • I-V curve with cursor to display each data point.
  • With data logging/open function, the I-V curves of solar system can be analyzed/recorded for a period of time (e.g. 60 min.).
  • Conversion of I-V curve under OPC to data under standard test condition (STC) based upon IEC standard
  • Provide Operating Condition (OPC) and Standard Test Condition (STC) test reports for verification of solar panel performance (OK, or NO OK).
  • Users can set up the parameters of solar panels; users can set up the series numbers of solar panels. Parameters of many solar panels can be measured in one measurement.
  • Irradiances & temperatures of solar panels can be continuously measured, monitored and recorded.
  • Built-in calendar clock.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery, low battery warning; AC power adaptor.
  • Optical USB cable for PC.
  • With OPTIONAL power clamps (SOLAR 15 DC Current Probe and SOLAR 21 AC Power Clamp), continuously measure/monitor/record the DC power output of solar system and the AC power output of inverter (1 phase or balanced 3 phases); calculate the efficiency of DC to AC power conversion and the efficiency of the max. output power.
• Included accessories: Remote solar detector (battery type:rechargeable lithium battery, 1000mAh) with thermometer, USB power cord, manual, AC power adaptor, optical USB cable, software CD, rechargeable lithium battery (3400mAh), carrying bag, thermal conductive gel, testing clips (1 black & 1 red), 4-wire to 2-wire connecting cable, 4 wire testing cable

• Optional Accessories: Prova Solar 15 (DC current probe), Prova Solar 21 (AC power clamp)
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