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Digital Capacitance Meter
Click image to enlarge - Digital Capacitance Meter
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  • Wide Capacity: 0.1pF 20,000uF
  • 0.5% Accuracy
  • Rotary switch for 9 ranges selections
  • Compact size with Flip-up Stand
  • Overload Fuse Protection
General Specifications:
Operating Principle:
Dual Slop Integration
Display Rate: Approx. 2 per second nominal
Zero Adjustment: 20pF approx.
Operating/Storage Temperature & Humidity:
0C 40C (32F 104F), 0-80%RH.
10C 60C (14F 140F), 0-70%RH.
Power Source: 006P DC 9V 1pc.
Battery Life: 200 hours
Size & Weight: 5.3L x 2.8W x 1.3(H) (135 x 72 x 33mm), 7.3oz (207g)
Accessories: Test Clips, spare fuse, 1pc of 9V Battery & Operating Manual
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