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LAN Cable Tester
Click image to enlarge - LAN Cable Tester
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  • Tests: UTP. FTP. Coax cables, two, three or four wire pairs in twisted pair cables and test all category UTP cables and hardware.
  • Verify end-to-end connectivity per EIA/TIA 568 wiring standard.
  • Detects wiring problems: Open, Short, miswire (Crossed, Reversed, Split pair).
  • Locates wiring/ connection errors (distance to the open or short)
  • Measures cable lengh
  • Easy to use: One buttom to select the test and two lines characters LCD display.
  • Low battery, Auto power off, long battery life (60 hours continuous)
  • Included accessories: 6 x AAA batteries, one patch cable (RJ-45 to RJ-45, 30 cm long), RJ45-RJ45 female coupler, remote identifier #1, carrying case
  • Optional accessories:Remote identifier: RID46-234 (#2, #3, #4), RID46-5678 (#5, #6, #7, #8)
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