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Welcome To MTP Instruments
Nationwide Representation with branches in Montreal (head office and warehouse), Toronto and Vancouver (sales office and warehouse).

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Our technicians and sales representatives are trained, equiped and prepared to be able to handle all your needs.
Protect yourself and your employees against the danger of overvoltage transients.

In today's world of complex electrical systems the risk of spikes, transients, surges and sudden overvoltages is great. Protect yourself and your service technicians that work in high-voltage and high-current environments by becoming familiar with the IEC 1010 Safety Standard.

The IEC 1010 standards define four categories (CatI, CATII, CATIII and CATIV) based on the proximity to the power source and the relative danger from transient impulses. When buying test equipment to be used in these dangerous environments be sure to buy the test equipment that protects you in three-phase distribution systems.
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